Aditya Saigal Director, Frontier Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Frontier Technologies Pvt Ltd (Frontec), is an Indian company which specializes in Cable Joints and End Terminations of the Heat Shrink Type. Frontec has been in the business of manufacturing Heat Shrinkable Products since 1987. The company manufactures heat shrink tubing and moulded shapes which it uses as part of Frontec – Heat Shrink branded cable jointing kits, which are used in Medium Voltage electrical distribution networks across India.

Frontec has developed several unique products as per customer requirements and within the agreed on time limits. It is actively engaged in research and development to improve its existing kit designs and localize its product line. Recently, the company expanded its range of tap-off connectors for aerial bunched cables, keeping in mind different installation methods as well as cost constraints from certain markets.

Frontec takes pride in the quality and reliability of its end products as well as its ability to respond to develop new products to meet changing market demands. In order to maintain the credibility of its products, the company emphasizes the need for trained installation and also puts strong focus on Quality Control and Forensic Investigation into researching and analyzing the cause of failures.

Keeping in mind the current sentiments regarding imports, especially from China, Frontec has successfully indigenized several key items and is beginning to offer the same as local replacements for product lines that were previously being imported.  This gives Frontec an edge over competitors as it allows full control over quality of all components and thus enables us to provide customers reliable and superior products.

Key Product Lines for Frontec Include:

  • Heat Shrink Type Cable Jointing Kits & Terminations
  • Tap Off Connectors for AB Cables
  • Specialty Heat Shrink Tubing (Anti-Track and Stress Control)
  • Medium Voltage Line Covers
  • Cable End Caps
  • Bird Fault Protection
  • Speciality Moulded Heat Shrink Parts
  • Accessories for AB Cables.
  • Jointing and Installation Services

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