Era Fame Awards & Conference

THANK YOU for your continuous support and overwhelmed response for making the Era Fame Awards & Conference as a industry recognition. These awards are thus a channel for the introduction and recognition of the contribution to the sector, which can be utilized and leverage at a global spectrum.
Felicitating to Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Product Manufacturers etc.

Stage Set Up
Ar. Shekhar Patki Winner
Distingueshed Guests At Era Fame Awards
Ar. Sanjay Puri Winner
Mr. T. T. Ahuja Sleek Winner Era Fame Awards
Studio An V Thot Winner
Singha Bath Sponsor At Era Fame Awards
Lighting Of The Lamp
Chief Guest Prof. Uday Gadkari
Ar. Prem Nath Winner
Ar. Karan Grover Winner
Parth Kitchen Winner
Winners – Era Fame Awards – 2013
Fab Glass Sponsor Era Fame Awards
Era Fame Awards
Ar. Kamal Malik Winner
Prof. Uday Gadkari Addressing The Guests At Era Fame Awards
Mr. Ashwin Shah With Mr. Amit Porwal
Ramky – Winner Era Fame Awards