Light Control Switches Market Expected to Cross $12.5 Billion by 2030

Light Control Switches Market Expected to Cross $12.5 Billion by 2030   According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled, "Light control switch market by product type, by solution type, communication technology, light source, application and region and End Use: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2020-2030," the…

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Creating smart spaces and connected homes using IoT

At some point, we all wished if we entered our homes, after a tiring day at work, with a pre-set of perfect mood-soothing lights, a ready-made coffee as we like it, the right room temperature, and our favourite playlist streaming in the background. As fictitious as it sounds, the reality…

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6 Tips to reduce compressed air energy costs whatever your production demands

Everything in our lives requires a regular check-up, and in most cases timely replacement. This safeguards proper functionality and most importantly, is responsible for better performance. It is no different in the case of a production facility, automotive manufacturing plants, Agriculture industry, refinery, food manufacturing plant, or any other place that requires their systems and equipment to work and perform its best. Uptime and production output are critical elements in every industry.

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Bosch Power Tools introduces

1) This innovation offers optimum convenience, precision, safety allowing a secure fit and robust system with no losable parts and low force accessory switch 2) Featuring 5x faster accessory change and flat grinding to improve productivity and reduce downtime with just one click 3)Supports a new generation of corded and cordless angle grinders and over 130 different accessories to deal with every application and user need

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Acute coal shortage for domestic Captive Power Plant (CPP) based industries

The Indian Captive Power Producers Association (ICPPA) is the apex body of Captive Power Producers (CPPs) in the country. Its member industries form the backbone of national growth & infrastructure build-up, and include the Aluminium, Zinc, Sponge Iron, Cement, Chemicals, Paper, Textile, Tyre industries, among others.

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Dry Type Transformer Market

Dry type transformers can be delineated as a fully stationary solid-state expedient and they require relatively less maintenance whiledoling out problem-free services or solutions. Unlike liquid fill transformers, dry type cylinders tend to use simply high-temperature padding systems as they are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. The fact these transformers set out a secure and steady power source eliminates the need for fire-resistant vaults, reducing the emission of toxic gasses.

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Fluke 1770 Press release

November, 2021 – Power quality measurements can be complex to set up and frustrating when critical events are missed. The new Fluke® 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers eliminate the complexities of power quality logging, troubleshooting, and analysis with automatic measurements, a straightforward user interface and setup, best-in-class specifications, and a simplified reporting platform.

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Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, Founder & Director Vensor Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

The rapid pace of electrification in India being fuelled by government sponsored schemes has increased the demand for related equipment. The soaring demand for electrification in rural areas coupled with the rising electricity generation has positively affected the industry. The greater targets of regional governments to deliver electricity in remote areas has increased the investments in the sector facilitating the expansion of the allied industry as well. These factors have pushed the appliance market of which switchgear is a major one. Switchgear, an important electrical device to control, monitor, and regulate the circuit, and enhance the safety of the entire system, has also witnessed a jump in demand.

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Test and measurement

Accurate testing and measurement (T&M) is crucial for any technology product design and manufacturing process to ensure product quality. T&M systems play a critical role in ratifying the performance of a wide range of technology products. Moreover, increased product complexity has spurred a growing demand for precision testing at every stage of the product life cycle, starting from product design and development phase, to production testing, pre- and post-market testing, as well as support. Thus, growth of the T&M industry goes hand in hand with the growth of technological development, expanding end-user applications and growing need to validate the performance of equipment.

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Electrical Write up

We often find the electrical maintenance engineers and facility inspectors trying their best to ensure uninterrupted service. Many a times they have to encounter problems like power losses, system failures and at worse even accidents, which are uninvited and unforeseen. Continuous inspection becomes a mandate & that’s where Testo extends its support and expertise to the industry and its users.

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Solid State (Smart) Transformer Market_Editorial

Smart transformers, also known as solid state converters, are an innovative type that integrates a number of semiconductor machineries, control trips, and high-frequency modifiers. Compared to their conventional counterparts, smart transformers tend to perk up the power quality by monitoring voltage fluxes in the best possible manner. When they ease off grid damages, they also happen to endure reliability and guard the load from disruptions of power supply. Nowadays, it caters to a plethora of uses, such as renewable power formation, electric vehicle charging amenities, and so on.

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