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Being in the manufacturing industry, which has undergone significant disruption during the pandemic, managing the business continuity was a challenge. We had to lean on technology and adopt new safety processes while maintaining the productivity. Supply chain disruptions and material cost increase were another concern area that required attention and kept us busy.

Q. Which are the major sectors where Dirak India finds most of its customers in India?

Our products go into various industries like Energy, Machine Construction, Railways, Transportation Telecom and IT. Electrical Control Panels and Railways are the most active segments currently for us in India.

Q. Have you launched any new products? If yes, kindly give a description of it. If no, then are you planning for any expansion strategies?

We launched many new products during last year. Products that were launched last year were mainly for better vibration resistance and IP rating. We developed many products that can be used in high speed railways. Specification involved is very different here. Also we developed many new gasket products meeting higher fire safety standards.
Our D-SNAP technology is relatively new to the market which offers hardware installation without the use of tools or mounting hardware such as screws or nuts. This technology offers a completely new way of reducing cost and in overall time saving. By using D-SNAP technology, the SNAP-in elements, which are integrated into a housing compartment are wedged into the cutout, providing a secure vibration proof installation. Without screws, there is no concern about loose pieces falling off and damaging sensitive equipment.
Our E-Line locking systems that can be managed remotely through software also have introduced many new solutions under that product line.
Since it’s inception in 1991, DIRAK Group has registered over 300 patents for hinges, latches, seals and mounting systems and has expanded into a global enterprise.

Q. What is your wish for 2022?

Meet and interact with people rather than doing everything remote and online. That’s my wish for 2022 !

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