Gurdeep Singh Juneja Managing Director Webdyn India Private Limited

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For over 20 years; Webdyn has been one of the Global Leader in design, development and distribution of its vast range of M2M, Remote Monitoring, SCADA and IoT communication hardware and software solutions for Energy Generation plants (Renewable & Conventional), Industrial Energy & Equipment Management, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities markets.

Webdyn has developed cutting edge know-how, using Internet protocols and latest generation radio and cabled technology to provide innovating and economic remote service and monitoring solutions: remote maintenance, remote management, remote control, remote monitoring.
Webdyn is a global multi-protocol hub supply leader. Competitive and flexible, these products can be used to cover all remote service and monitoring applications that require IP technology in your remote control needs.
Webdyn connects your equipment to the Internet using fixed (RTC, Ethernet) or mobile (GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE-M) communication networks. You can therefore use web services (HTML page, Email, text message) to remotely manage your local and remote equipment spread all over the world and integrate the data.
Thanks to its experience and renown, Webdyn also extends its expertise to RF endpoints (Wireless M-Bus and LoRa), to cellular interfaces and CPL G3 gateways to cater to its customers’ needs as closely as possible.
Receive vital information from your machine assets at all times (running status, stock, troubleshooting, traceability, alarms) and easily, simply and securely manage your equipment in real time using your web services.
As you know that after the effect of the Covid 19 Pandemic, our markets have become extremely competitive for every industry, so to reduce the operational wastages, industries are now relying more on ‘DIGITALIZATION’ under the industry 4.0 scenario. This helps in the reduction of manual intervention and reduction of overheads and provides an accuracy of data collection, that helps optimizing all operation costs and to enhance our projects.
One such big waste which sucks out most of the operational cost of the plants is the consumption of Energy & Increased Downtime of Machine. The biggest challenge here after getting these implementations done is to keep proper, precise & manual intervention free track record of energy consumption recorded by the energy meters & the information from the Sensors (temperature, flow, pressure etc.) & Breakers to detect fault in the machine remotely. The solution is Remote monitoring of all your Modbus communicable energy meters, Water meters, gas meters, sensors and even DG Sets , Transformers , Boilers , Chillers etc. Ours is a single platform for all of the Industry 4.0 use – truly no one has this kind of offering as an integrated offering – all other solutions available are vertically oriented and manage specific functionality only.

Our expertise : To make your Industry intelligent
Constituting an absolute central telecommunication hub, the Webdyn solutions enable all types of source equipment to be connected to a company’s information system.

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