Sandeep Nahata Director-Owner Atlas Cables & Accessories Pvt. Ltd.

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Q. What are your growth targets for this year and beyond?
The support of our dealer network and time bound quality delivery has helped us with phenomenal growth in the past few years , in continuation to that we hope for continued growth of 30 percent year on year in the next two years. We at adcab are striving to make this company into a superbrand the coming decade as a long term plan with the support of all our stake holders current and and in the future .

Q. The New Year is started so what are your plans for this year? What are the initiatives we can see in 2022?
As the years have gone by we at adcab have seen robust growth in the small and medium industries sector and we see a wide scope of growth in this sector in the forseaable future . This year adcab aims to focus on the MSME SECTOR as well as developing our dealer network out side gujarat as well as within the state .

Q. You have a large products range, which product is more in use and why?
We at adcab have a large product range which encompasses 1 sq mm to 650 sqmm range of electricals wires , however we see a large percentage of sale in aluminum and copper multi core products which are used in the MSME SECTOR which is currently driving industrial growth in states like gujarat and andar pradesh .

Q. What would be the next level/future plan for ADCAB in terms of expansion, distribution, improvisation, technological up-gradations etc?
We are constantly striving to achieve if needed heights at Adcab and we are currently in the midst of commencement of a green field project with additional capacity and modern machines and backward integration into PVC compounds and intermidiaries which would considerably enhance our production capacity and profitability within the coming year . We have targeted the growth of the retail network by an impressive 30 percent in the forthcoming year. Enhanced production would require a larger dealer base in order to penetrate further in the currently super competitive market scenario.

Q. What is the USP of your brand? And mantra to sell the products.
We would consider speed and flexibility of delivery with timbound fulfillment of orders our USP . Adcab strives to maintain a strong dealer network as well as well stocked depots at major sales points across gujarat. We are hopefully to cut inventory costs at factory level and improve stock at sales points to efficiently service every order in a time bound fashion .

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