As women are making a mark for themselves as leaders in various fields such as business, design, and manufacturing, Sharmila Kumbhat celebrates this as, the Director of K-Lite Industries., A confluence of innovation, intelligence, and passion, Sharmila is an interior designer by profession and an entrepreneur by choice. This awe-inspiring leader behind the K-Lite Industries’ recent phenomenal success, joined K-Lite in 2012 and within a short span of time was promoted to the role of “Director Business Development.” Under her daring and dynamic leadership, K-Lite has broken into international markets, and progressed tremendously with five-fold increase in turnover.  In 2017-2018, K-Lite was awarded “Asia One- World’s Greatest Brands” for its architectural lighting and poles.

Maximizing The Visual Comfort For Spaces – K-Lite Industries

Driven by a path-breaking vision to design and manufacture luminaires for architectural lighting, K-Lite Industries strives towards high-quality solutions with a deep-rooted pursuit for excellence. As a continued step towards building a sustainable company with inclusive growth for design and quality that is internationally recognized, K-Lite maintains its core Indian values. The genesis of K-Lite Industries was based on the need to put a new spin on lighting products that are of high quality and sustainable. Since its initiation in 1977, K-Lite has been steadily working towards becoming the leading manufacturer of Architectural luminaires and decorative poles.

K-Lite’s proven performance in the outdoor segment is because of its ability to stylishly convey the identity of a space with a blend of efficiency and modularity to maximize the visual comfort that is best suited to each specific space. K-Lite intends to extend an enriching user-friendly buying experience and generate value from the existing ecosystem for their customers, with negligible extraneous addition. A registered trademark in India, UK, and Europe, K-LITE works with a mission to add tangible value to the world of lighting. “To consolidate our commitment for excellence, we perform all our processes internally – from design and development to production and assembly, and we take great pride in being the manufacturer of choice  ”, the leading lady further apprised.

K-Lite Solutions

Indoor or outdoor. Architectural or technical. Small or large.

K-Lite offers a wide range of lighting solutions for various project requirements, with luminaires tailored to meet the customer expectations. While producing luminaires, K-Lite ensures to comply with quality, reliability and sustainability standards, thereby setting elite benchmarks in the lighting world. The aim is to offer luminaires that do not just illuminate but transform the setting with elegance galore. For over four decades of its operations, K-Lite has become a trusted choice for major railways, metros, and heritage lighting projects. The company believes in delivering sustainable lighting solutions by ensuring that products are developed with the best processing techniques and a mindful corporate policy. Driven by quality, K-Lite celebrates certifications like ISO 14001-2015, ISO 9001-2015, BIS, CE and ZED, that represent unparalleled performance in everything it does.

K-Lite has been honored with various accolades such as the India Design Mark Award by the Indian Design Council in 2015-16, the World’s Greatest Brands in 2017-18, Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards Global Edition, and Outstanding Performance and Contribution in Business Domain by Begin up Research Intelligence Private Limited in 2021. The company’s success has been based on a solid foundation of identifying its customer requirements for design, sustainability and reliability.  During the past 44 years, K-Lite has taken great strides by gaining a reputation as India’s
Lighting Company.

Hurdles On The Way And Key Values

Having grown organically and being a promoter driver company, Sharmila found that scaling up the operations both in India and Internationally has been the biggest challenge for her and the team. They are on a journey of transformation and that is both challenging and exciting.  The values of the organization have always been true to the company’s tagline: “India’s Lighting Company”.  All of the team’s thoughts and actions support this tagline and the manufacturing setup is well integrated to support the Made in India brand. K-lite believes in being an equal opportunity employee with over 50% of their workforce as female.

Road Ahead

As an Indian lighting manufacturer, K-Lite is always setting new benchmarks to constantly evolve into a better version of itself.  Whether it is product design, product efficiency, or the next generation of connected lighting, the company continues to embrace continuous skill development both professionally and personally. The team is working in collaboration with designers to refine their product offerings both on design and performance levels to position itself in international markets.  They are also continuing the next-generation development of our smart city solutions and
dynamic lighting.

“Everyone is born with different strengths and develops new ones.  I am grateful to be blessed with a certain design acumen, a double dose of common sense and I never give up.” –  Sharmila Kumbhat

Creating K-Lite Corporate Office

One section of the K -Lite assembling unit on the first floor was converted into a new 3600-squarefeet corporate workspace creating a direct link with the supply chain and providing scope for future expansion. Having majored in design during her postgraduate studies, Sharmila took it upon herself to redesign the space. She was quick to realize that a forward thinking culture of collaboration and creativity will be best reflected through an open-plan office design. She was also conscious about the underwriting role of a lighting designer for embodying the K-Lite brand in the workspace. Hence, Lighting Research & Design was brought on board in the early stages of design. When determining how to brand the physical workspace, the first discussion centred on understanding the guiding principles of K-Lite. These principles were used to guide how the clients, employees and visitors will experience the space, thereby creating a springboard for all other design aspects.

Embracing the concept of an optimal workspace for all associates implied equal access to all amenities including daylight and other environmental benefits for all employees, illustrating the commitment of K-Lite to its staff. However, the design team faced several challenges during the conversion of an old factory into a workspace that will be conducive to urban consumption. One of the main challenges was the very low ceiling height of the existing factory building. Low ceilings can make a space seem cramped and oppressive. Although it was not possible to raise the ceiling due to architectural limitations, the design solution was to create a roomier ambience and give the illusion of a more voluminous space by paying attention to colour, lighting and style.


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